Turbo Energy  Limited is  an engineering & contracting company providing a broad range of engineering services and products to diverse industries including the power distribution, power transmission, power generation, telecommunications, petroleum & gas, and marine industries. Over the years, Turbo Energy has provided various products and services to different clients.

Through our partnership with world-leading technology and services firms, we specialise in providing Advanced Smart Metering, Vending and Billing Systems; offering comprehensive range of metering, GIS centric management solutions and advisory services to Utilities.


Through our partnership with international consultancy firms specialising in providing advisory services to the energy industry, for both government and private organisations under different forms of power regulation, we are able to unite engineering and commercial capability of industry experts with proven track records in their fields of specialisation, with our extensive experience in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) coupled with our knowledge of local culture, practices and processes


We provide comprehensive range of GIS centric management solutions and advisory services to Utilities. Ongoing Projects Consultancy , Supply and Implementation of Geographical Information System- Eko Electricity Distribution company


Development of Power and Telecommunication infrastructure projects Site Build and Infrastructure Solutions: Civil Works, Equipment Shelters, Towers & Masts, Rectifier Systems, Generators, Site Electrification & Fencing Managed Services; Planning, Support Services, Maintenance & Monitoring Wireless Infrastructures Telemetry and Optimisation systems including WIFI, WIMAX, fixedline broadband solutions Cellular & GSM Antennas / Feeder Systems Microwave and Cellular Systems Equipment Shelters supply and installation